Hallucinations occur through a multitude of senses. Whether conscious or subconscious, chemically induced or naturally formed, hallucinations often leave us with visual stimuli with which we gain significant artistic inspiration. We asked several talented artists to propagate such experiences via a tangible form of design.

After weeks of experimenting, designing and consuming mass quantities of hallucinogens, the result is the following poster series.

Many thanks to all contributors for participating and for sharing their time and inspiration:

Bradley Munkowitz –
Atelier Olschinsky –
Mars Sandoval –
Ron Gervais –
Taiyo Yamamoto –
Yuko Brown –
Michael Brown –

Each poster is ready for print at 300dpi and is available as a free download. Please take note regarding copyright restictions:

These images are copyright protected by said artist and are available for personal use only. One print per person. For any other use, said artist’s permission is required.